Wedding Cakes

If you are here, CONGRATULATIONS! I am more than excited to help you make this part of your wedding planning easy & delicious.

Free Deluxe Cake Tasting Package

After estimating number of guests, If you’re like me, you’re excited to go from patisserie to patisserie for cake tastings. Well, that’s perfect because I have a Deluxe Wedding Cake tasting package that offers

  • 2 each of 7 of my most popular flavors, so that’s 14! 1 cupcake each for the bride & groom.
  • Also included are filling pairings packaged separately and
  • A petite bottle of champagne.
  • Price $69.99.

If you do end up ordering your wedding cake from me, that cake tasting price will be deducted from the price of your wedding cake, which makes it FREE! Yay!

Free Delivery

And you know what else is free? Delivery! Yes! Free Delivery of your wedding cake on the day-of within the Atlanta Metroarea up to a 35mile radius.

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